Measure, measure, measure

Buying a sofa is probably one of the most important furniture purchase in every house. This is because a sofa is a multi function furniture. Other than just a sitting apparatus for us and our guests; it also functions as a bed for short naps; a comfy place to read books or reading books with children, watch TV, work, etc.

Because of all these activities, a sofa needs to be durable and long lasting. For a lot of people, the process of buying a sofa is very tedious. In my case, I hate going from one shop to another to try out one by one. Not because I hate going to physical store, it’s just I really hate Jakarta’s traffic. It could be very time consuming just to get the right one.

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We are lucky that we live in a digital era, where technology can actually improve our life, solve problems and eventually makes us happier people. I know that buying a sofa online can be scary, because you don’t get to feel and experience the things when you go to a physical store. But, it’s not an impossible task. Let me share you some tips of how my husband and I bought our sofa online. We will be posting a series of posts on how to buy sofa from an online store, and this is our first one. It will cover, the most basic guideline in preparing you to buy a sofa from an online store.

The first thing you have to do is to measure, measure, Measure! This step applies whether you’re buying a sofa from an online or physical store.

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You need to measure the room and the space that we want to place the sofa. Remember to consider other furniture like coffee table, side table, chairs, standing lamp. You want to give an ample of space between them so that you won’t be squishing or jump around other furniture.

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Be sure to measure everything that will lead you to where you are going to place your sofa. For example, doorways (both height and width), hallways, etc.

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Remember to also measure stairways. Some stairways are pretty straight forward to measure, but a twirling stairway can be quite tricky and you might need another person to measure it.

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If you are buying the sofa for your apartment or office, you need to also measure the lobby door, elevator and elevator’s door.

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So, good luck in measuring your space and hopefully this would you get started to buy a sofa online. Remember to stay tuned to our next post.  If you have any question or comment, please let us know in the comments sections below, we’ll be happy to answer them.

Thanks for reading.

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